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Celebrating manicartist89’s OneYear Anniversary :)) Yoohoo!!

Wow! Hard to believe it has already been one year, since I first launched manicartist89; Time sure went by incredibly fast. 

Since this (and all subsequent Anniversaries) will fall just to the side of the New Year, I’ll begin a Tradition Online, which I’ve been using for myself nearly 20 years or more  

You see, the Traditionally-established custom of “New Years Resolutions” is, in my way of Knowings, an Insidiously Destructive and Self-Defeating Practice, both Psychologically and Pathologically. 

Over twenty years ago–recognizing its destructiveness–I began a new Tradition, which has served me quite well; rather than being Self-defeating and Deflating, my Practice is Uplifting, Heart-Warming, Encouraging, Strengthening…, all the Good Stuff the other one lacks.

On New Year’s Eve:

  •  I Cleanse both my Physical, Spiritual and Ambiental Space, through Prayer, Incense Burning and Cleansing Body, Mind, and Home;
  • Once that’s done, my Spirit ready: I pick up my Journal, write a few Introductory Comments; I
  • Do a Mental Self-Assessment of the past year’s Successes, struggles, failures, and Overcoming Adversity (the latter being a really important one to acknowledge), Focusing Primarily on How Miraculous a Life this is, I’m experiencing–Listing only the Positive, Growth-Promoting, Successes, large and small;
  • I pick 10 of the Most Important and Meaningful, Perenially-Lasting Ones, List them one by one, with a one-liner commentary;
  • Re-Read them, Bless them, in Gratitude, Release them onto the Journal’s Page(s), all I’ve Victoriously Overcame, or (against all Odds), have Accomplished;
  • After that, I either Meditate for a short while, and/or pick-up my “Runes,” and do a Spread with a Simple, never-changing    

    Question: “What are the Aspects of the one or two most Salient, Important, Significant, or Paradigm-Shifting things, coming up in the Year beginning just now?”

    I then, insert my Right Hand inside the Bag , as I Shake it, to ensure the Runes Stones are well mixed, I pay attention to the ones remaining on my palm–usually between 1 and 3 stones; (over the years, I’ve come to comprehend there are no such things as “true” randomness, nor “coincidences,”only the Universe’s means of Guiding us, one Epiphany at a time–and from my Personal Experience, I’ve come to Learn much about the “Meaning of Life”-stuff, we all grapple with, from time to time, simply through this yearly practice. 

The following year, I re-read the Runes info, from the Previous year, and am always floored by their accuracy, though every New Year’s spread appears cryptic and/or incomprehensible the day they’re cast, a year later, I’m always Shocked at their accuracy. 

Thus, though it is not my place to insist everyOne should be Switching from a negative, self-esteem eroding practice such as “New Year’s Resolutions,” (or casting Runes), into the Uplifting, Encouraging, Self-Esteem-Strengthening, Positivity-building Practice, such what I call: “My Accomplishments List, for the Year 20__, “Life’s little Paradigm, guess what’ll be my First Item on this 2015 years’ List?

Manicartist89‘s 1-year Anniversary, of course–and I have All of You Who have Liked my Posts, made comments on this or that–I’ve even Enjoyed and Learned from, the Little Private “Sparring Argument” I had with another Blogger!

So, To Every-One, Who HAVE or WILL READ this BLOG: 

Thank You! My Followers, my Occasional Readers, my Friends, Family, from Here…, and the “Beyond:”

May the New Year of 2016 (a “9” in Numerology, indicating the Ending of one Cycle and the beginning of a New One, imagine It: Pregnant with New Possibilities, New Choices, New Roads to be Taken…, how exciting is that?), Bring to You, Yours, Your Loved Ones, (and Yes: even greatest Teachers: Your Detractors, Your Enemies), Everything Your Innermost Heart Wishes for, especially that which is for Yours and their Highest Good, Spiritual Growth, Evolution, and Experience of that which is the. Highest of All Laws: “Treating All, as You Too would like to Be Treated,” (in other words: Love–Total Acceptance, Unconditional, Unjudgemental, Non-Interfering…–💕LOVE💗

Namastè Every-One, 😀 ma89🌸


    Changing Timelines! Remaining Balanced Thanks to Runes’ Unerring Guidance

    NOTE: The Following Few Posts are about Changing Timelines; Choices; Instant Karma; and such–I almost think there should be a Separate Blog just for this–but decided Not really. After all, this Site isn’t dedicated to a Single Subject Matter…, but for Many; it’s an Eclectic site.

    Email sent to my Congregation’s Reverend asking for Rides to Church (my Social Family):

    On December 10, I Rear-Ended a Ford F350 Heavy Duty pickup truck, while en route to see an apartment, and totaled my car.

    Thankfully, it was bumper-to-bumper, stop’n’go traffic, during rush hour, so I was Uninjured–My car, though, was deemed a total Loss, and I’ve since been Learning the Art of going Car-less in a Car-Intensive Culture, w/ bad Mass Transit to boot.

    This is Why you haven’t seen me at Church for two weeks!

    Overall, December 2014‘s been a Horrendously-Challenging Month for me!

    My Spirituality, and my Guides‘ constant Companionship–as well as the Guidance from my Runes, and Healing Balls* sent to me through my Good Friend, and fellow Reiki Healer “Kate*”–are the ONLY THINGS which have Kept Me from Falling Apart.

    Here is the Runes Spread I got the night before meeting with the Insurance Adjuster the following morning. (a note, by this time I was Still in the “Stage 3” of the Mourning Process, i.e.: “1. Disbelief Loss was Real; 2. Anger; 3. Trying to Bargain; etc.” Using the Bloom System, I asked my Higher Self: “What are the Aspects of Maxie being Repairable, or truly Totaled?” (I got 3 Stones, then my Guides strongly suggested I needed one more, so I Did–Drawing Dagaz, (or Gateway)/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/090/59084046/files/2014/12/img_2145-0.jpgPhoto cc – Copyleft 2014, Reproduction Permitted, (preferably with (Generalized) Interpretation of Stones’ Meanings), Clarisse L Dodge, York, Pennsylvania, USA

    Problem Is: I’m Missing being Physically There, at The Chapel, Hearing the Inspired Speeches, Singing the “Peace Song,” Hugging…, Visiting w/ Friends.

    I’ve reached out to some Friends, through Texting, or email, but have Yet To Find A Ride, from York. To The Sunday Services.
    * Healing Balls – Healing Reiki Energy Balls sent remotely, with the Intent for a particular purpose. (For those with Scientific Mindsets: See: Principles of Quantum Physics/Math/Mechanics, and String Theory. A good Primer is Dr. Brian Greene’s PBS 3-Part Series, “The Elegant Universe”);
    * “Kate,” Ficticious Name for a Very Real, and Great Friend.