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Hopes for a Loving Fall/Winter – Following Horrendous Summer

Where has Summer Gone? (It Didn’t Exist for me, at all–I Faced so many Challenges…)

Now, Tired, Weary, Somewhat Cynnical, Still facing Huge Challenges,

Though still Flumoxed on How I’ll Overcome them, I Know I WILL;

Unsure where I found this Photo below, but am always Moved and Encouraged by the Story it represents

It’s based on an Allegory, I’ll Paraphrase here:

Someone, who’d gone through excessive Travails, was shocked to see only one set of footsteps in the sand. Upon questioning Jesus about it, asking Him “Why hast thou abandoned me, at the worst of my times?” Jesus lovingly replied “It was at those times that I was carrying you…”

Footsteps in the Sand ❤

Unsure where I found this, but I've always found its meaning Moving and Encouraging

I Wrote the Following this Morning, during Breakfast, and Hope it is of Benefit to Others, as Well as to my Self.

  • May I have the Presence of Mind: Not to be Tricked, by People, Companies, Anything;
  • May I have the Astuteness: To always Ensure All Questions are answered, Before making a Decision;
  • May I Remain Connected to my Higher Self, my Intuition: and Always Listen to MySelf;
  • May My Heart Remain Calm: When faced with Setbacks;
  • May my ego move out of the way: When dealing with Outsourced Customer/Tech Services;

That’s it, for today.

Namastè, ma89🙂


Being Poor

Hi, Everyone!

The Author of this Entry is SO Spot-On, I wanted to “Like It” about 100 times 😉 but there was no “Like” buttom, so on *His Behalf* I’m reblogging it, just so anyone, Whose Life-Path has/IsWill be Similar, may Pass It On, and Please, when Liking It, leave a Comment for His Entry, Not Me.

Interestingly, just this afternoon, while listening to the excellent Aussie Podcast: “Big Ideas,” dated Tue, Apr 28, 2015, titled: “The Stigma of Poverty,” detailed quite well the Socio-Economic, and Health Loss Tolls Poverty “slags” onto those classified “Poor.” As I Understood it, the Speaker said in no uncertain terms, Poverty is an Assault on One’s Very Core of Being and a Violation of Human Rights, which must be addressed.

May I humbly Highly Recommend The Reader access the “Big Ideas” Podcast, all of which are quite good. 😉

Namastè, (We’re All One),
Ubuntu, (“We’re All Connected! When You’re Well, I’m Well; When You Hurt, I Hurt”)
Golden Rule (“Treat Others as You Would Yourself, be Treated”).



Being poor is knowing exactly how much everything costs.

Being poor is getting angry at your kids for asking for all the crap they see on TV.

Being poor is having to keep buying $800 cars because they’re what you can afford, and then having the cars break down on you, because there’s not an $800 car in America that’s worth a damn.

Being poor is hoping the toothache goes away.

Being poor is knowing your kid goes to friends’ houses but never has friends over to yours.

Being poor is going to the restroom before you get in the school lunch line so your friends will be ahead of you and won’t hear you say “I get free lunch” when you get to the cashier.

Being poor is living next to the freeway.

Being poor is coming back to the car with your children in the back seat, clutching…

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Going “Car-less” in a “Car-Intensive” Culture

While Growing up in São Paulo, SP, Brasil–though we had a car–my Dad was, for the most part, a Weekend or Travelling Driver. Though São Paulo was even by then, already a Mega-City of 12 Million, (unless we were going somewhere as a Family), both he and us, individually never needed a car; Mass Transit was Excellent, day or night.
Not so, in the USA! This is a “Car-Intensive Culture,” with–barring a few Exceptions–Terrible, Irrational, Convoluted, Inconvenient, Time-Consuming and Unreliable Mass Transit Service, and for 40 yrs., I’ve felt compelled to depend on cars.
Two Weeks ago, “The Universe” answered my Wishes to be “more Environmentally-Conscious,” and go Carless, in a very direct way: I Rear-Ended a Truck, and my car was “Totaled” by my Insurance;” (Maxie was her Name); and she only had 61,205 miles in her; was an excellent, comfortable Ride, and My plan had been to keep her until she became obsolete.
That Timeline is Gone, and in this New Timeline, I am without a Car.
My “Understandings of Life,” Accept there are NO Coincidences, just “Nudges” to get us into a certain direction.
Here was my Very Direct Answer! I don’t plan on buying another (Gas-burning) Car. Besides, my Poor Neighbors “survive” without cars, (I must learn how, from them).
I just wish I was twenty years Younger, so I could Get a Bicycle, or Scooter, for those Trips too far for Walking.”
For now, I’m Writing…, a Lot!
There’s much more to this, but Tomorrow will be the Conclusion of my Reiki Practitioner Certification (Level III, in Gendai not yet Master Level), so I’m done for now.

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