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Gorgeous, Calm Sea. Photo by Adam Dodge, cc ça. 2009 Seattle, WA, USA

Wrist Surgery Done-Recovery Begins

My Baldwin Studio Upright, Companion of 25+ Yrs. Bought Spring 1991
Gonna Miss playing You, Buddy! Photo, cc 2015, by Clarisse℠ , York, PA, USA

Hi Everyonne… (Pardon the misspellings; they’re so frequent now, it’d be impoîssie to try & corrrct them all–i.e.: Time-conuhvsuming/also, due to pain med side-effectsc …)

Surgery went eell lasted longer than predicted, wrist VERHY Painnvful2 of 5 fingers feel as iff they’re Broken. The slighest touch & they go into a 😩😩😩🤕😷😷…

Must go now!!!

Namasté cg n :-/

 post-Surgery arm. 

ma89/aka: Gaea’s Modwife 


Welcoming “Albie” Home: 😀 My “Family’s” Newest Member

Note: After Re-Reading this Entry, I’ve realized what I’d just done was (sort of) Write a Review. So, those of you, not inclined to read such, I recommend You pass this one up😉 manicartist.
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I’ve Caved! Am Car-Shopping!

Okay! Take a Deeeep Breathhh!

A single month of being on foot, relying on Friends, paying for Their gas, brought me to a Very Public Tiny Meltdown–Thankfully, amongst my Reiki Friends–leading me to the inevitable conclusion:

Get Your Act Together!
Time to Car-Shop!

Last Friday, then–braving freezing weather–I called a Cab, went to my Credit Union, (finally opening the Insurance’s 3-week-old Overnight Delivery Settlement Envelope), I deposited it; Paid off my now-postponed move Loan; asked to see a Loan Consultant, and–while awaiting for her to call, I arranged for a Rental Car CO. to come pick me up, to rent a car for the weekend, possibly 1-week.

That arranged, I replied to an email from a Dealership in a nearby town, arranging to see him later, around Dinner time.

Having had a twelve year, 13-Paid-off Loans relationship with my Credit Union, has afforded me an “A+” Credit Score in spite of my Frugal Early-“Retirement” Income–translating into a trouble-free Loan, for the Amount I figured would be needed.

That accomplished, the Rental Company took me to their Office, and assigned me a VW Golf to Drive.

I want to stop here for a moment:
Astrologically-speaking my Double-Aries sign had been wreaking havoc in my Life and Balance–I saw myself “Losing It!” (My Nano Meltdown Monday Night last week). Then, on our ride home, I asked my Reiki Mentor How did he always maintain his (almost “Vulcan”-like) Calm? His Reply taught me Oodles!

He said: “Though it’s True the Planets do have (Magnetic, Subtle) Influences, All it’s Really Affecting is our (“Space”) Suits, our Spirits aren’t Affected…”

Boom! There was my Key to Stability, and to weathering Life’s storms: Our bodies of bones, flesh and blood, are but a “piece of clothing,” (a suit), we either see as such or overly-identify with. All this suit needs is to be moved safely, from points “A” to “B” and not much else! Our means of doing so, is a Vehicle.

So, Keeping what truly matters into perspective:
My Transportation must be
• Mechanically-Reliable;
• Safe-to-Drive in all conditions;
• High MPG/Low-Maintenance;
• Low-Cost Maintenance
What’s Irrelevant:
• Color;
• Trim;
Ego value;
• (Appearance-wise) what kind of Tire Wheels it comes with…

There are many other factors, which I’ll post at a later date (why I’ve chosen not to get Hybrids or Electrics (hint: “Blood Batteries”), look it up.

2015/01/img_2207-0.jpgPaddling serenely on river
Photo by L Dodge, Springfield, MO

Going “Car-less” in a “Car-Intensive” Culture

While Growing up in São Paulo, SP, Brasil–though we had a car–my Dad was, for the most part, a Weekend or Travelling Driver. Though São Paulo was even by then, already a Mega-City of 12 Million, (unless we were going somewhere as a Family), both he and us, individually never needed a car; Mass Transit was Excellent, day or night.
Not so, in the USA! This is a “Car-Intensive Culture,” with–barring a few Exceptions–Terrible, Irrational, Convoluted, Inconvenient, Time-Consuming and Unreliable Mass Transit Service, and for 40 yrs., I’ve felt compelled to depend on cars.
Two Weeks ago, “The Universe” answered my Wishes to be “more Environmentally-Conscious,” and go Carless, in a very direct way: I Rear-Ended a Truck, and my car was “Totaled” by my Insurance;” (Maxie was her Name); and she only had 61,205 miles in her; was an excellent, comfortable Ride, and My plan had been to keep her until she became obsolete.
That Timeline is Gone, and in this New Timeline, I am without a Car.
My “Understandings of Life,” Accept there are NO Coincidences, just “Nudges” to get us into a certain direction.
Here was my Very Direct Answer! I don’t plan on buying another (Gas-burning) Car. Besides, my Poor Neighbors “survive” without cars, (I must learn how, from them).
I just wish I was twenty years Younger, so I could Get a Bicycle, or Scooter, for those Trips too far for Walking.”
For now, I’m Writing…, a Lot!
There’s much more to this, but Tomorrow will be the Conclusion of my Reiki Practitioner Certification (Level III, in Gendai not yet Master Level), so I’m done for now.

cc 2014 copyleft, without blatant modifications, with or without Attribution, Clarisse L Dodge, York, Pennsylvania, USA