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•WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get;" •Jack of Many Trades, Master of just a few. •Love Great Music, •Love Yanni's first 4 Albums, (Optimystique through Chameleon Days), now •Loathe all else of his. •Love a Good High Brow Intellectual Conversation, •Eccentric Meta-Thinker (Outside-the-Box), •Tend to become impatient with others' Pop Culture-driven shallow thinking; •Abhor being called "New Ager," for all I've come to Understand and incorporate in my own Life, took years of Self-Examination, Questioning, Hardship, a BA in Journalism, Studying Philosophy (W and E), lots of Reading, Thinking, Epiphanies, at least expected Moments; losing everything, at least twice, Going from a well-to-do "Yuppie Corporate Housewife," to someone trapped on dis-Ability; Re-starting from Scratch, each time undergoing thorough Self/World/Society-Examination, on Every Aspect of Life and my Being..., and not through Pop Book Gurus, Oprah or the like. •Everything I do, Every Way I Look at Things, Every Purchase I Make or not, Every Choice I make, goes through all the internal Filters of my hard-won Understandings of Life, our Spirits, our Bodies' needs, our Biosphere, Animals, Waterways, etc. Therefore, •I'm unapologetically Biosphere-Centric (Fauna and Flora), •Love Excellent Podcasts, •Excellent Books, •Eschew TV and Radio, •Abhor to be *Lied* to/*Tricked*. •Have come to *KNOW* True, Unconditional, Purest of Pure Love--and that a Love-based Life, Truly IS the Only Thing that Matters; •All else—as Yanni once told me: “is a bunch of, nothing.” So, •I Strive to Treat EveryOne w/ Love, Unconditionally (this is really hard), •Got tired of getting Sick on Mislabeled Dairy Products--am Vegan, since last April; •Wish the 1/8 of the 1% would get some Compassion/be less Psychopathic; •Wish we'd stop Raping our Mother Earth, i.e.: Fracking, Strip Mining, Nuclear Anything, Oil anything, too many things to list all; •Wish All who drive Hybrids and Electric cars knew they're Driving cars w/ "Blood Batteries," due to the high Cobalt content they contain--Cobalt is mined primarily in extreme Conflict Regions, such as Darfur, where Children (and Adults) work under horrific Conditions; •Wish everyone Knew CFL Light bulbs contain Mercury, a CNS Depressant (i.e.: Destroys One's Nervous System, causing total loss of Conscious Body Control, and much of the Autonomic, as well). Per EPA's Literature, Mercury is a Persistent, Toxic Heavy Metal, which cannot be seen, and which we can spread unwittingly, everywhere. •It's also present in most Alkaline Batteries, LCD Screens, Tablets, and Smartphones. •Want everyone who hears of the "Georgia Guild stones," to look up a Book called "Report from Iron Mountain," written in 1965, reprinted 1995, by Leonard Lewin, purportedly a "Hoax," but much of what's written there has in fact taken place, and is also in the Guild Stones. Once •again, I recommend another Book: "Frequency" by Penney Peirce, as a counter-balance to Iron Mountain. •Concerning Iron Mountain, (Fiction or not), there IS another Book, (Non-Fiction), "First-Hand Report: The Story of the Eisenhower Administration," by Sherman Adams, Copyright 1961, LOC card #: 61-6191, Published by Harper & Brothers. °While browsing thru a single Chapter: "Showdown at Suez," I found an incredible amount of similarities with the aforementioned "Hoax" esp. on pgs. 245-248, where I stopped, to finish my two other Books, before tackling the latter... •I truly Wish the Highest Good for EveryOne, regardless of whatever they've Been, or Done, in the past; •Hope We get to the “100th Monkey” soon, before it's too late... to save Gaea, and Humanity, from all-out self-destruction. •Strive to Suspend Judgment, until I know whole Story; •Strive to Live like ST: TNG's "Prime Directive™" i.e.: Non-Interference, unless asked (only exception is when I see a Young person Smoking, for it nearly killed me, in my 40s, so I do a "Show and Tell" w/ them, by taking my Asthma Meds out of my Purse, along w/ the Little Bottle w/ Nitroglycerine :( Asthma meds mess w/ One's heart function. •I think that's enough... *Two more things*: •I KNOW "ET" (and Human) Spacecraft exist, because I'm an Experiencer (still closeted though, never been regressed, yet). • Earned "Gendai Reiki Sage (Master) Certification," Last August—am very pleased with it.• Now, you all know more about me, than my own Family• :)🌸

1991 “Clarisse TWU Interview” – (Uploaded by son, on YouTube)

Hi Everyone,

My Fractured Wrist seems to be Healing Well; the February 19 (2.5 hrs-long) Surgery, repairing a really bad Fracture, has now turned me “slightly Bionic” (LOL), with a Titanium Plate and 7 impossibly-long Screws, all the way, from my Outer Wrist Bone, halfway Down my Forearm (I’ll Upload the Pictures I took of my arm, later, for I’m still functioning solely with my Non-Dominant, LH, a Stylus, and a obstemperous Tablet.

This Entry’s Main Purpose is to Showcase a former Classmate’s Story on me, my Music and Its raisón d’être, the final product  of which I’d never seen before, until my Son, was able to Digitize it from its original “Sony BetaMax,” and uploaded it on his Channel, instead of “Gaea’s Midwife,” which is where it belongs.

So, Thanks to my Son, for his Translating Formats, and to my former Journalism classmate Rayvia Morgan, TWU – Texas Woman’s University – Denton, Texas, Class of 1991, for this nice, final Version of her Story on a Broadcasting Assignment (Thank You, both: Rayvia, and […] 🙂 gmf (aka: ma89)

Clarisse(sm) 1991 TWU Interview – Enjoy  :))

NOTE:  This Video was for School Assignment Ms Morgan had. It was subsequently broadcast numerous times over a three (3) year period on TWU’s Cable channel. I didn’t have Cable–only the Betamax Video–and it was friends and fans who’d be tellling me: “I saw you on TV, last night…” Where (c) is concerned, Rayvia personally handed me the Betamax video–then already only used by Pros; the Reproduction of and (c) permission allowance, are fully implied and understood, by her very actions. Any question should be addressed to me, at lightseeker89 at icloud dot com, (NO SPAM, or TROLLS, PLEASE). UPDATE: My Bad, so, some Information is either changed and/or omitted.

Love IS The ONE and Only Way, to a Better Tomorrow. ma89💗

Gorgeous, Calm Sea. Photo by Adam Dodge, cc ça. 2009 Seattle, WA, USA

Wrist Surgery Done-Recovery Begins

My Baldwin Studio Upright, Companion of 25+ Yrs. Bought Spring 1991
Gonna Miss playing You, Buddy! Photo, cc 2015, by Clarisse℠ , York, PA, USA

Hi Everyonne… (Pardon the misspellings; they’re so frequent now, it’d be impoîssie to try & corrrct them all–i.e.: Time-conuhvsuming/also, due to pain med side-effectsc …)

Surgery went eell lasted longer than predicted, wrist VERHY Painnvful2 of 5 fingers feel as iff they’re Broken. The slighest touch & they go into a 😩😩😩🤕😷😷…

Must go now!!!

Namasté cg n :-/

 post-Surgery arm. 

ma89/aka: Gaea’s Modwife 

Diagnosis: Fractured Distal Ulnar; Additional Fractures

Both Blogs Going Into Hiatus


Surgery Recovery Moving Quickly, slowly Reverting to Right Hand. 

Just a quick entry to let everyone know what ws done, and still needs to be done. 

Stitches came off 2 weeks after Surgery and a new Custom-molded, (I’d rather have had a Cast than a Splint. (I’ll say more later; but can’t Complete this, rt now. 
Here are some photos, though: I’l label them later;)





Hi Everyone,

Things happen5, which completely send us on a tailspin–only to hope and pray  we don’t land without our Parachute open.

Such is the case here: Two (2) weeks ago, an unfortunate fall has left my right hand incapacitated at the wrist.

At a gas station, I tripped on a Pothole, near the pump, fell landing full on, straight on my right wrist. I couldn’t even get up.

Calls for Help, brought a Driver and a Policeman, who–seeing how bad my wrist looked–Called an Ambulance, which took me to Lancaster Regional Medical. A temporary cast was applied.

Surgery is tomorrow morning! Two plates will be inserted bypassing the wrist to connect right hand to the forearm.

My piano playing days are over!

I can’t describe how it felt…, the realization I’ll never play it again, like before!😩😩😩✔️

Entry POST-Surgery: 

XRay Courtesy  of OSS-York,  & its Radiology Dept.
Post-Surgery X-Ray, with 1 plate on wrist & Forearm+7Screws

Little bandages (and Custom-Molded Splint) Applied

A 2.5-hr-long Surgical procedure  followed by upteen PT Sessions, will partiaĺly restore range of motion.

Right now, it’s really hard doing it all using my Non-Dominant hand.

Threrefore, effective immediately, both blogs, (this one, and Gaea’s Midwife), are on Hiatus.

Namastè, Everyone, ManicArtist89 🌸💧

Celebrating manicartist89’s OneYear Anniversary :)) Yoohoo!!

Wow! Hard to believe it has already been one year, since I first launched manicartist89; Time sure went by incredibly fast. 

Since this (and all subsequent Anniversaries) will fall just to the side of the New Year, I’ll begin a Tradition Online, which I’ve been using for myself nearly 20 years or more  

You see, the Traditionally-established custom of “New Years Resolutions” is, in my way of Knowings, an Insidiously Destructive and Self-Defeating Practice, both Psychologically and Pathologically. 

Over twenty years ago–recognizing its destructiveness–I began a new Tradition, which has served me quite well; rather than being Self-defeating and Deflating, my Practice is Uplifting, Heart-Warming, Encouraging, Strengthening…, all the Good Stuff the other one lacks.

On New Year’s Eve:

  •  I Cleanse both my Physical, Spiritual and Ambiental Space, through Prayer, Incense Burning and Cleansing Body, Mind, and Home;
  • Once that’s done, my Spirit ready: I pick up my Journal, write a few Introductory Comments; I
  • Do a Mental Self-Assessment of the past year’s Successes, struggles, failures, and Overcoming Adversity (the latter being a really important one to acknowledge), Focusing Primarily on How Miraculous a Life this is, I’m experiencing–Listing only the Positive, Growth-Promoting, Successes, large and small;
  • I pick 10 of the Most Important and Meaningful, Perenially-Lasting Ones, List them one by one, with a one-liner commentary;
  • Re-Read them, Bless them, in Gratitude, Release them onto the Journal’s Page(s), all I’ve Victoriously Overcame, or (against all Odds), have Accomplished;
  • After that, I either Meditate for a short while, and/or pick-up my “Runes,” and do a Spread with a Simple, never-changing    

    Question: “What are the Aspects of the one or two most Salient, Important, Significant, or Paradigm-Shifting things, coming up in the Year beginning just now?”

    I then, insert my Right Hand inside the Bag , as I Shake it, to ensure the Runes Stones are well mixed, I pay attention to the ones remaining on my palm–usually between 1 and 3 stones; (over the years, I’ve come to comprehend there are no such things as “true” randomness, nor “coincidences,”only the Universe’s means of Guiding us, one Epiphany at a time–and from my Personal Experience, I’ve come to Learn much about the “Meaning of Life”-stuff, we all grapple with, from time to time, simply through this yearly practice. 

The following year, I re-read the Runes info, from the Previous year, and am always floored by their accuracy, though every New Year’s spread appears cryptic and/or incomprehensible the day they’re cast, a year later, I’m always Shocked at their accuracy. 

Thus, though it is not my place to insist everyOne should be Switching from a negative, self-esteem eroding practice such as “New Year’s Resolutions,” (or casting Runes), into the Uplifting, Encouraging, Self-Esteem-Strengthening, Positivity-building Practice, such what I call: “My Accomplishments List, for the Year 20__, “Life’s little Paradigm, guess what’ll be my First Item on this 2015 years’ List?

Manicartist89‘s 1-year Anniversary, of course–and I have All of You Who have Liked my Posts, made comments on this or that–I’ve even Enjoyed and Learned from, the Little Private “Sparring Argument” I had with another Blogger!

So, To Every-One, Who HAVE or WILL READ this BLOG: 

Thank You! My Followers, my Occasional Readers, my Friends, Family, from Here…, and the “Beyond:”

May the New Year of 2016 (a “9” in Numerology, indicating the Ending of one Cycle and the beginning of a New One, imagine It: Pregnant with New Possibilities, New Choices, New Roads to be Taken…, how exciting is that?), Bring to You, Yours, Your Loved Ones, (and Yes: even greatest Teachers: Your Detractors, Your Enemies), Everything Your Innermost Heart Wishes for, especially that which is for Yours and their Highest Good, Spiritual Growth, Evolution, and Experience of that which is the. Highest of All Laws: “Treating All, as You Too would like to Be Treated,” (in other words: Love–Total Acceptance, Unconditional, Unjudgemental, Non-Interfering…–💕LOVE💗

Namastè Every-One, 😀 ma89🌸

    Hopes for a Loving Fall/Winter – Following Horrendous Summer

    Where has Summer Gone? (It Didn’t Exist for me, at all–I Faced so many Challenges…)

    Now, Tired, Weary, Somewhat Cynnical, Still facing Huge Challenges,

    Though still Flumoxed on How I’ll Overcome them, I Know I WILL;

    Unsure where I found this Photo below, but am always Moved and Encouraged by the Story it represents

    It’s based on an Allegory, I’ll Paraphrase here:

    Someone, who’d gone through excessive Travails, was shocked to see only one set of footsteps in the sand. Upon questioning Jesus about it, asking Him “Why hast thou abandoned me, at the worst of my times?” Jesus lovingly replied “It was at those times that I was carrying you…”

    Footsteps in the Sand ❤

    Unsure where I found this, but I've always found its meaning Moving and Encouraging

    I Wrote the Following this Morning, during Breakfast, and Hope it is of Benefit to Others, as Well as to my Self.

    • May I have the Presence of Mind: Not to be Tricked, by People, Companies, Anything;
    • May I have the Astuteness: To always Ensure All Questions are answered, Before making a Decision;
    • May I Remain Connected to my Higher Self, my Intuition: and Always Listen to MySelf;
    • May My Heart Remain Calm: When faced with Setbacks;
    • May my ego move out of the way: When dealing with Outsourced Customer/Tech Services;

    That’s it, for today.

    Namastè, ma89🙂