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•WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get;" •Jack of Many Trades, Master of just a few. •Love Great Music, •Love Yanni's first 4 Albums, (Optimystique through Chameleon Days), now •Loathe all else of his. •Love a Good High Brow Intellectual Conversation, •Eccentric Meta-Thinker (Outside-the-Box), •Tend to become impatient with others' Pop Culture-driven shallow thinking; •Abhor being called "New Ager," for all I've come to Understand and incorporate in my own Life, took years of Self-Examination, Questioning, Hardship, a BA in Journalism, Studying Philosophy (W and E), lots of Reading, Thinking, Epiphanies, at least expected Moments; losing everything, at least twice, Going from a well-to-do "Yuppie Corporate Housewife," to someone trapped on dis-Ability; Re-starting from Scratch, each time undergoing thorough Self/World/Society-Examination, on Every Aspect of Life and my Being..., and not through Pop Book Gurus, Oprah or the like. •Everything I do, Every Way I Look at Things, Every Purchase I Make or not, Every Choice I make, goes through all the internal Filters of my hard-won Understandings of Life, our Spirits, our Bodies' needs, our Biosphere, Animals, Waterways, etc. Therefore, •I'm unapologetically Biosphere-Centric (Fauna and Flora), •Love Excellent Podcasts, •Excellent Books, •Eschew TV and Radio, •Abhor to be *Lied* to/*Tricked*. •Have come to *KNOW* True, Unconditional, Purest of Pure Love--and that a Love-based Life, Truly IS the Only Thing that Matters; •All else—as Yanni once told me: “is a bunch of, nothing.” So, •I Strive to Treat EveryOne w/ Love, Unconditionally (this is really hard), •Got tired of getting Sick on Mislabeled Dairy Products--am Vegan, since last April; •Wish the 1/8 of the 1% would get some Compassion/be less Psychopathic; •Wish we'd stop Raping our Mother Earth, i.e.: Fracking, Strip Mining, Nuclear Anything, Oil anything, too many things to list all; •Wish All who drive Hybrids and Electric cars knew they're Driving cars w/ "Blood Batteries," due to the high Cobalt content they contain--Cobalt is mined primarily in extreme Conflict Regions, such as Darfur, where Children (and Adults) work under horrific Conditions; •Wish everyone Knew CFL Light bulbs contain Mercury, a CNS Depressant (i.e.: Destroys One's Nervous System, causing total loss of Conscious Body Control, and much of the Autonomic, as well). Per EPA's Literature, Mercury is a Persistent, Toxic Heavy Metal, which cannot be seen, and which we can spread unwittingly, everywhere. •It's also present in most Alkaline Batteries, LCD Screens, Tablets, and Smartphones. •Want everyone who hears of the "Georgia Guild stones," to look up a Book called "Report from Iron Mountain," written in 1965, reprinted 1995, by Leonard Lewin, purportedly a "Hoax," but much of what's written there has in fact taken place, and is also in the Guild Stones. Once •again, I recommend another Book: "Frequency" by Penney Peirce, as a counter-balance to Iron Mountain. •Concerning Iron Mountain, (Fiction or not), there IS another Book, (Non-Fiction), "First-Hand Report: The Story of the Eisenhower Administration," by Sherman Adams, Copyright 1961, LOC card #: 61-6191, Published by Harper & Brothers. °While browsing thru a single Chapter: "Showdown at Suez," I found an incredible amount of similarities with the aforementioned "Hoax" esp. on pgs. 245-248, where I stopped, to finish my two other Books, before tackling the latter... •I truly Wish the Highest Good for EveryOne, regardless of whatever they've Been, or Done, in the past; •Hope We get to the “100th Monkey” soon, before it's too late... to save Gaea, and Humanity, from all-out self-destruction. •Strive to Suspend Judgment, until I know whole Story; •Strive to Live like ST: TNG's "Prime Directive™" i.e.: Non-Interference, unless asked (only exception is when I see a Young person Smoking, for it nearly killed me, in my 40s, so I do a "Show and Tell" w/ them, by taking my Asthma Meds out of my Purse, along w/ the Little Bottle w/ Nitroglycerine :( Asthma meds mess w/ One's heart function. •I think that's enough... *Two more things*: •I KNOW "ET" (and Human) Spacecraft exist, because I'm an Experiencer (still closeted though, never been regressed, yet). • Earned "Gendai Reiki Sage (Master) Certification," Last August—am very pleased with it.• Now, you all know more about me, than my own Family• :)🌸

Goodbye Google

Two weeks ago, running errands, around town, in the Late-Afternoon, returning Home, it suddenly Dawned on me: “there’s not a single place I’d gone to, by, or through, where—like a ‘ton of Tribbles, born already-pregnant—cognition came: Surveillance cameras were doubling-themselves-up; Reproducing themselves, (in in-your-face fashion), faster than those Tribbles, when The Enterprise™ was infested, by them (“The Trouble with Tribbles” episode, in Star Trek–the Original Series™. When I got home, While Listening to a couple of YouTube Podcasts, on the aforementioned Issue—reaching my last nm of tolerance—without even being concerned with all Deletions I’d have from other sites, I DISCONTINUED MY “GOOGLE” ACCOUNT, ALONG WITH ALL ITS SERVICES. (Hopefully Gone, Finitto, Caput…, I Deleted it All.

Since I use WP’s Complimentary Account, for both my blogs, I’m unable to Upload those Videos directly, within the WordPresss environment, my only choice having been uploading them first on YouTube, as required, then linking them, back to my corresponding Blog Entry.

They’re Gone! And so are my Links.!

It’s not in my Power to be able to pay, for these two sites (ma89, and gmf), thus, by my conscious Act, all but one Link are gone (“Clarisse TWU Interview, found through residentskitz’s youtube channel, is the only one still available.

So sorry it had to be this way, and I’ve no regret having discontinued my Google Group Account. Indeed, I’ve missed it far less than I thought it would be!

“Mine Eyes, now Irrevocably-Opened, cannot be Closed, or just Squinted-from, any longer; for now The Truth is past being just “conspiracy theories,” but Glaring Fact of Life, climbing out of very dark rocks, insulting our Selfhood, our “Freewill,” compelling us into a fearful lifestyle, rather than making our Own “mistakes,” learning from them, ultimately, cognizing why, and correcting them… Surveillance is an ABERRANT Societal Ill, which—though already Quite Late, cannot be Silenced, by (pretending we’re) ignoring it, when in truth, slowly bringing utter sadness we waited so long, now it’s too late!

Pandora’s Box has bee Opened, and the only thing left for us, is the Last Item in her Box, IF we Shut it quickly-enough: “HOPE!”

May anyone truly deny it…, still?

As for me, (at least with Google Group Services), I say: “Good Riddance!” This will not be the only service, either. i shall be considering which one, next. (Calm Down! I don’t see myself closing these two Blogs, in the foreseeable time—unless it’s done by its host).


A Poem — Strange Clouds – Where are my Sharp Blue Skies?

(Intro to Poem) A few months ago, a Poem came to me, while reading the excellent “Water for Elephants” book, by Sarah Gruen, (without giving the story away), at a certain point, in the story,   Pg 111, the (now old) character says:

…I roll onto my side and stare…at the ‘blue sky beyond… “The sky, the sky, the sky—same as it always was.

I too, remember blue skies, so bright, they hurt the eye—now, but a long-forgotten memory. My answer to his Revelry about the “sameness” of the “blue sky” is stated in the Poem below 

by Clarisse Dodge cc 2017 Creative Commons,
See Notes on Bottom, for Additional Info, see note below;

Admiringly-Dedicated to Mr. Dane Wigington, Founder and Tireless Clarion, on these “Strange Clouds” issue of: “Geoengineering Watch Global.”

I don’t know where you’re coming from,
Telling me the skies are always “blue;”

All I can see, in the skies are
cloudy days, when clouds even appear ‘brown’;

When the “blue” does come up,
The sky appears “Faded;
Yet, I’m Old enough to Remember…

Sharp, Clear, Crisp, BLUE Skies,
So Sharp Blue,
it hurt mine own Eyes…,
Those skies, those skies, those skies…

Tho’ Some have Awoken, to the Truth of the Matter,
A Great number o’ Others, still Choose…,
…to continue their Slumber;
Afraid, perhaps, to Face the Unthinkable,
they cannot yet Abide.

These sleepy Ones, bury their heads, in the sand!

will it take, to Gently—oh, so gently,
Help’m to Remember, they’re but Slumbering,
and it’s past the Waking-up and Act Time?

For, You See, Neither them,
nor the Maleficent, amongst us…,
Comprehend All These,
last, but a Moment!

When the Sun Shines through, once again;
And the Unusual, Strange Clouds are No More;
What a Marvelous Sky, Indeed,

We’ll have, to Witness…,


A Sky SO DEEP, and BLUE,
as if a liquefied Blue Topaz Gem was Spread
from East to West, from North to South…,
and Everywhere in between.

(Mr. Jankowsky), I Know, from mine Own Eyes,
how Priviledged You’ve been,
never to’ve seen—with a horrified Mind,
that “sameness” of the skies;

be flogged by sordid planes,
playing “Tic-Tac-Toe,”
crisscrossing each other’s Long White Trails,
even making shapes, that could pass,
(I kid you not):
Like your Sacred “Star of David,”

or creating spiralled clouds,
such as I’d never seen my entire life.
I would, That I could Return
to my Youth’s Crisp, Blue Skies,
for I’m Loathe of looking up,
and seeing instead an “opaqued” Sun,
and “Pale Blue” sky…).

(NOTE: except for Intro), Permission is Granted for Copying, Duplication, and Divulgation, provided it includes Attribution, esp, to Ms Gruen’s Book’s Character which Inspired it: “Water for Elephants.” And The Dedication to Former Weathercaster, Mr. Dane Wigington, a True Hero, in his Own Right.

This Post Belongs to Gaea’s Midwife!

It’s Coming here, as gmf will not upload it.

(ADDENDUM: November 28, 2017 – Sorry Folks! I’ve had to allow my Piano Videos to “disappear” from here. See Blog post: “Goodbye Google!”).


Lucky for You, You get to see it First!

(Sorry, VIDEOS are no longer available. ma89)

All the Description and Info on This Song “Morning Walk,” will remain in the “gmf” site. Since that Is where it belongs. 

BTW Folks, Friends, Frenemies, & Foes (the “F4”)…

🏳🎉I’M BAAAAaaack!🎊🏳

1991 “Clarisse TWU Interview” – (Uploaded by son, on YouTube)

Hi Everyone,

My Fractured Wrist seems to be Healing Well; the February 19 (2.5 hrs-long) Surgery, repairing a really bad Fracture, has now turned me “slightly Bionic” (LOL), with a Titanium Plate and 7 impossibly-long Screws, all the way, from my Outer Wrist Bone, halfway Down my Forearm (I’ll Upload the Pictures I took of my arm, later, for I’m still functioning solely with my Non-Dominant, LH, a Stylus, and a obstemperous Tablet.

This Entry’s Main Purpose is to Showcase a former Classmate’s Story on me, my Music and Its raisón d’être, the final product  of which I’d never seen before, until my Son, was able to Digitize it from its original “Sony BetaMax,” and uploaded it on his Channel, instead of “Gaea’s Midwife,” which is where it belongs.

So, Thanks to my Son, for his Translating Formats, and to my former Journalism classmate Rayvia Morgan, TWU – Texas Woman’s University – Denton, Texas, Class of 1991, for this nice, final Version of her Story on a Broadcasting Assignment (Thank You, both: Rayvia, and […] 🙂 gmf (aka: ma89)

Clarisse(sm) 1991 TWU Interview – Enjoy  :))

NOTE:  This Video was for School Assignment Ms Morgan had. It was subsequently broadcast numerous times over a three (3) year period on TWU’s Cable channel. I didn’t have Cable–only the Betamax Video–and it was friends and fans who’d be tellling me: “I saw you on TV, last night…” Where (c) is concerned, Rayvia personally handed me the Betamax video–then already only used by Pros; the Reproduction of and (c) permission allowance, are fully implied and understood, by her very actions. Any question should be addressed to me, at lightseeker89 at icloud dot com, (NO SPAM, or TROLLS, PLEASE). UPDATE: My Bad, so, some Information is either changed and/or omitted.

Love IS The ONE and Only Way, to a Better Tomorrow. ma89💗

Gorgeous, Calm Sea. Photo by Adam Dodge, cc ça. 2009 Seattle, WA, USA

Wrist Surgery Done-Recovery Begins

My Baldwin Studio Upright, Companion of 25+ Yrs. Bought Spring 1991
Gonna Miss playing You, Buddy! Photo, cc 2015, by Clarisse℠ , York, PA, USA

Hi Everyonne… (Pardon the misspellings; they’re so frequent now, it’d be impoîssie to try & corrrct them all–i.e.: Time-conuhvsuming/also, due to pain med side-effectsc …)

Surgery went eell lasted longer than predicted, wrist VERHY Painnvful2 of 5 fingers feel as iff they’re Broken. The slighest touch & they go into a 😩😩😩🤕😷😷…

Must go now!!!

Namasté cg n :-/

 post-Surgery arm. 

ma89/aka: Gaea’s Modwife 

Diagnosis: Fractured Distal Ulnar; Additional Fractures

Both Blogs Going Into Hiatus


Surgery Recovery Moving Quickly, slowly Reverting to Right Hand. 

Just a quick entry to let everyone know what ws done, and still needs to be done. 

Stitches came off 2 weeks after Surgery and a new Custom-molded, (I’d rather have had a Cast than a Splint. (I’ll say more later; but can’t Complete this, rt now. 
Here are some photos, though: I’l label them later;)





Hi Everyone,

Things happen5, which completely send us on a tailspin–only to hope and pray  we don’t land without our Parachute open.

Such is the case here: Two (2) weeks ago, an unfortunate fall has left my right hand incapacitated at the wrist.

At a gas station, I tripped on a Pothole, near the pump, fell landing full on, straight on my right wrist. I couldn’t even get up.

Calls for Help, brought a Driver and a Policeman, who–seeing how bad my wrist looked–Called an Ambulance, which took me to Lancaster Regional Medical. A temporary cast was applied.

Surgery is tomorrow morning! Two plates will be inserted bypassing the wrist to connect right hand to the forearm.

My piano playing days are over!

I can’t describe how it felt…, the realization I’ll never play it again, like before!😩😩😩✔️

Entry POST-Surgery: 

XRay Courtesy  of OSS-York,  & its Radiology Dept.
Post-Surgery X-Ray, with 1 plate on wrist & Forearm+7Screws

Little bandages (and Custom-Molded Splint) Applied

A 2.5-hr-long Surgical procedure  followed by upteen PT Sessions, will partiaĺly restore range of motion.

Right now, it’s really hard doing it all using my Non-Dominant hand.

Threrefore, effective immediately, both blogs, (this one, and Gaea’s Midwife), are on Hiatus.

Namastè, Everyone, ManicArtist89 🌸💧