Bipolar : After an Angry/Violent Episode

A few months ago, my Best Friend and I, (both of us having Manic Depressiion), had a falling out, over the conditions in my apt.(she tends to forget my “Invisible dis-Abilities” only now, brought to light). Once she was done sermonizing me, a few “less than delicate” words were exchanged–we parted in unfriendly terms. Though I’d texted her forbidding her from telling anyone what she’d seen, she did report me to the Housing and shortly after, I was notified of an out-of-season Inspection. Because she’d shown signs of becoming abusive in her Textings to me, soon after we fell out, I sent her a rueful Text, saying I was sorry but I was temporarily blocking out her number. She must still be mad at me (shouldn’t it be me mad at her?). Missing her Frienship, I’ve recently Unblocked her Number, and sent her a Friendly Text letting her know of it. She hasn’t replied.

My point being: We, Manic Depressives have such Passionate hot heads, it is HARD for us to back off, once we made a mistake–especially, when we think we’re right. I think in Warda’s and mine case, we BOTH made mistakes: 1. Her, for judging me, without knowing (acknowledging) all the facts; and 2. Me, for my poor way of handling it (forbidding her from divulging it, which translated into the VERY THING I didn’t wish to see happen (fear of a surprise inspectiom). Ultimately, the decision to resume the (much missed) Friendship, rests on her choice now. I’ve reached out to he via Texting, and a Phone call (I SO-dislike caller ids). Now, I’ll wait and see, and–though I do realize some of her behaviors and actions are a function of our mutual Conditions, and therefore, not truly “her fault”–another function of Manic Depression is an inordinate sense of Pride; this one is more difficult to recognize for what it is, and accept, so we may deal with it (such as in apologizing). Unfortunately, Warda will never do that; consequently, our Friendship dwindles, and will continue to do so, into just a Memory 👣, sadly!


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