Seeing the “Root Energy Center” Differently Revisiting Peirce’s “Frequency”

IMG_2070Red Wreath, by Mis Wanda’s Wreaths.Photo by Clarisse L Dodge, York, PA

Here’s Something I got this morning, during Breakfast, and thought would be Nice to share with You. While reading the book “Frequency,” mentioned previously–arriving at the last paragraph, page 39–I loved the way she described the “Root Chakra.” It is both, totally different, and…, the same. It’s also great I saw there were no “negative” connotations, we generally ascribe this particular Chakra. Not quotting Peirce directly, the following came from my Annotations on the page of the book. From what it looks like, it’s a Prayer, Kindly “Given” to me. I’ll call it:

* One with Gaea *

I am One with Gaea

I Accept and Honor her Connection to Me;

my Will to Survival; my Energy.

The Goddess Gaea Nourishes, Connects, Sustains, and Loves Me.

As received Today, 27 Mar 2015, ma89 🙂


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