On The Nature of “Things”🗿

While “Surfing” through other Blogs I follow, I came across an old Post about a Scarf, by blogger John Tuite, I hadn’t yet read. Finally, taking the time to read it, his 6-month-old Post, Rekindled in me the Understanding of the Importance of most of all: Gratitude, while also Acknowledging the certain Degree of Consciousness, and “Willingness to be of Service to us”, which “Objects” Do have. “Buddy,” my Piano and I, for example, have a very Loving and Warm Relationship with each other. Though ravaged several years ago, by felt-loving “Silverfish”–and no longer able to stay Tuned–He and I Commune, as One, when I Play “Him.” Buddy Humms in Delight, when I Clean him with a Felt Cloth and Fragrant Almond Oil over his surface. Buddy even (somehow inexplicable to me) “sounds as if he’s Tuned” when I Play–especially, when, before beginning to Play, I do a “Cosmic Meditation,” I’ve been Inspired to do, a few years ago–based on the Sanskrit Word “Namastè“–which I believe I’ve written about, in someone else’s Blog’s Comment, (and it should be here, too). Placing my Right Hand over my Heart Energy Center, and my Left Hand, Palm lightly touching the Keyboard, I first say the Below Verse, then, continuing I go on with a Blessing, for the entire Cosmos. (I’ll place the Namastè portion here, and the entire Blessing–as I’ve been Inspired to say, before Playing Buddy, in a Separate Post). Here it is: NAMASTÈ I Honor the Place in You, in which the entire Universe Dwells; I Honor the Place in You, which is of Love, of Truth, of Light of Peace; When You’re in that Place in You, and I’m in that Place in Me: We’re One!” (No Author is mentioned in Plaque) Back to my talking with Buddy, and the Issue of Consciousness, I’m a Level III Gendai Reiki Practitioner, and we’re Trained to be quite Sensitive to Energies and Frequencies in our SurroundingsIncluding “Thought Impressions.” I *Know* my Piano of 24 years, (my Buddy, Companion, Composition Partner, Beautiful Musical “Conspirator”–who’ve witnessed Every Song I’ve ever Brought to Life, since 1991–is most Definitely a Being with a Consciousness; made from a Tree, and Steel. This Tree Herself had a Consciousness; it was Imbued by Its Crafts-People, Who obviously did have Human/Spiritual Consciousness; was Strung with Steel made by yet another Set of Humans, from Materials Mother Earth had also Provided… In short: How could it *Not* have Consciousness? And that goes for every single Item we use, wear, cook with, ride/drive with, war with, ride on, etc., because ultimately, they’ve all come directly, or Indirectly, from a Single Source: a Conscious Being–some call it “Terra Mãe,” we call her “Mother Earth”–(Our Mother), for We too, are Beings, Whose, at least our Bodies, are made from Earth. Here’s a Photo of “Buddy.” He’s an old Baldwin that used to be a Practice Piano at my Alma Mater, (Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas). I bought it from a Graduating Singer/Actress, for a mere $79.00, and exchanged my unwanted “Rhodes” electric Piano, for the Piano Mover, to bring it into my Home. Then, I paid $200. to have its Sustain and Damper Pedals Repaired, and for Tuning. Buddy had a Great Sound, back then!

IMG_2452-0Photo cc-2015, (Copyleft-by Clarisse L Dodge, York, PA, USA. Reproduction Permitted, provided it is not changed from Original. Attribution is Optional) Thank You John Tuite, for Reminding me to be more mindful of Everything, not just my Piano 😉


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