A Book! What’s a Book Worth?

Okay, Mystics, Who are also Bookworms: This is for You! When is a Book Worth More than Its Trade Paperback, Dog-eared, Thin Pages? Indeed, Worth more than All the combined “wealth” of all nations and all individuals, put together? I’ve got one of several possible Answers, sitting here, in my Office, next to me, and to me, this single Book IS, in fact Worth more than anything else nations or individuals can produce and call it “wealth:” You see, a few months ago, I heard this Author on a Podcast, talking about a Book she’d written, and quite Intrigued by her ideas, I went to my Favorite Indie Online Bookseller, found it, and Ordered it. I’m still reading its first Chapter! Not because it’s Difficult to read, it isn’t! It is so chock-full of useful, Interesting, Insightful Information–to me, at least–this is a Book to be “sipped,” in small (“Macrobiotic-eating-style) bites; and not to be “gulped” in one sitting. I’m quite sure she was Inspired in her Research, and while Writing it. The name of this Marvelous book I’m currently “Studying,” (Reading Sloooowly) is called “Frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration,” by Penney Peirce (sic). In the Podcast, (and in the Book), she described how the Book’s Title came to her, (it had to do with an–also Intriguing–Movie, and her dying Father), I Rented the Movie on iTunes, and Watched it at Dinner time, while awaiting the Book’s Arrival. When it did arrive, I found it Wonderfully-Written–in Clear, Easy-to-comprehend Language, of Principles that are anything-but-comprehensible. I’d say It’s the Best Book detailing the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How” on matters related to Energies, Frequencies, we Emanate, and Receive, continually, I’ve ever found, in my 25 years of Exploring Spiritualism/Metaphysics, Eastern Philosophy; Quantum Sciences, etc. Having read Hundreds of Books, This One is One I’ll Read over and over again, and it’s the sole item in my Gift Shopping List for AnyOne, in the foreseeable Future. (I’m only mentioning this book here, because I Know it’d be of Interest to Those Who Read these Posts–there’s no ulterior motive whatsoever, unless One wishes to argue My Motives are for AnyOne’s Highest Good, in which case, Yes, that’s my Ulterior Motive😉). Namastè, EveryOne!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Painting: “Night Falls,” Original Watercolor and Photograph by Clarisse L Dodge, (Painting ça. 2006/Photo ça. 2008)


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