Don’t fight against evil. Live for love.

Hi, I’m re-Blogging this, as a Reminder we All (as Individuals) must do precisely that, (I couldn’t have said better, myself). In a later Post, I’ll write about what my understandings of l-o-v-e are. Namastè, (We’re One)

The Company of Spirits

Every time a deranged person throws a bomb and we react with rage and fear, darkness wins. The dark thrives on fear and violence. It feeds off it. Every act of terrorism and cruelty is DESIGNED to shock and horrify people, and lure them into either apathy and fear, or anger and violence.
Shock is a natural reaction. The best way to deal with the explosions on our screens and in our newspapers, is to go within, calm ourselves, breathe out the shock and continue to focus on love and wisdom.
On spreading joy, not hatred.
When we lose ourselves in the collective vortex of fear and anger, darkness has claimed another victory. Because what we focus on, grows. What you talk about, you attract. The world will mirror back what you focus on.
We DO have a choice. We create our own experience. We ARE that powerful! We are…

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