Welcoming “Albie” Home: 😀 My “Family’s” Newest Member

Note: After Re-Reading this Entry, I’ve realized what I’d just done was (sort of) Write a Review. So, those of you, not inclined to read such, I recommend You pass this one up😉 manicartist.

After trying out several different vehicles, at various Dealers–all of whose Inate Consciousness, remained completely “Silent” to me–The Consciousness from a spritely “snow-white,” Ford Focus “Spoke” to me. “I’m the One You’re Looking for!”

First, Let me Introduce Albie, then say more about Him/Her (I haven’t decided Its Gender yet, but am leaning Masculine).

Albie Is a snow-white, 5-Speed-Manual, 2012 Ford Focus S-Base Model; its 4-cyl, 2.0L Engine has already proven Itself “on par”–to quickly Merging onto tight, short Freeway Ramps, (probably, thanks to its slightly larger Engine and Manual Transmission)–to my former Automatic Grand Am, with its 6-Cyl, 3.5L Engine. Granted, Maxie was a larger, heavier car, and Loaded with features Albie only dreams of having.

2015/01/img_2218.jpgAlbie, Photo courtesy of Dealership’s personalized Website, Reproduced here with their blanket Permission, (color-corrected and edited by manicartist89, aka: Clarisse), Lancaster, PA, USA

However, inasmuch as I wanted better Fuel Economy, a smaller, easier to park, No-Nonsense, albeit Comfortable car, I’m confident Albie and I will be One (as Transport/Driver/Commuters), in a very short adjustment period.

Nonetheless, there were certain factors I was initially unsure about. They were:

• Could I Still Drive a Manual?
After all, for the past seventeen-plus years, I’d driven only Automatics–I was a little unsure Someone (nearing sixty) should even consider returning to a Stick Shift car. Nevertheless, I was willing to try.

It turns out, using the Clutch and 5 speeds came back very quickly, and naturally…, almost like that Interval of over at least seventeen years, driving Automatics, never existed!

I was quite pleased with how it Handled, both in Street and Freeway Driving, in “Rush Hour” traffic, in the Dark. So far, (being that Albie is a Base Model), only two features have already been determined I’ll miss: Cruise Control, and Automatic On/Off Headlights.

As for how it may not interface with my Phone, (i.e.: No Podcasts through the Radio); perhaps there’s a way around having to Wear (expensive, Flat Frequency) Earbuds, that break every other month, and–since I don’t like being “yelled-at,” by advertisers, broadcast radio is out, too. I did see something saying “Line In is active,” but I’ve yet to find the Line in plug. (Note: Read the next Post about my Personalizing, and making Albie safer to drive).

There’s much to do:
• ✔️Convert my Insurance Coverage, from Maxie–still en force, since I kept my License plate–to Albie; (Woa!!! Quite a Jump in rate, for the exact same Coverage…! Was told it was because “…car was 10 Years newer than previous one…” Though I didn’t “buy into” their explanation, since I otherwise like them, I compromised with a higher Deductible, and left it at that).
• Find a “Namastè” Bumper Sticker, to place on Albie’s rear Bumper;
• Remove Dealer’s Decal from car. No car of mine has ever had its Dealer’s decal kept on it, as I don’t like advertising for anyone, just because they were Awesome to me);
(The exception to the above) Call Ins. Ask for Window Decal so, if can’t find Contacts Info, numbers, right on Window.
• … That’s it for tonight! I’ll post a Pict of Albie, as soon as I take one. (I didn’t take the one above 😐

Namastè, Everyone🌸


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