How Maxie came Into my Life: Car-Shopping

Note: This Post was Originally written approximately three (3) days ago. References to Dealers, or rentals are already outdated. Sorry, but events are happening so quickly, it’s hard to keep track of published vs unpublished.

Maxie wasn’t the first ride I was shown, by the York Dealer! He’d brought in all these…, hmmm, so, so cars–none of which inspired me with Awe.

I was ready to leave the Dealership, when he brings in this magnificently-Gorgeous, Burgundy Grand Am SE1–actually, a bit “show-offey” in her original (yuck) chrome wheels. She’d been sitting way back in the lot, completely out of sight, I was shocked he hadn’t showed her to me sooner.

Upon first seating onto her Comfortably-Ergonomic, Back/Coccys-Friendly Cloth Seat, an overwhelming Sense came over me of “her” asking “me:” “Where have You BEEN All my Life?…”

The Salesman sat next to me, we left the Lot–and asking him to “Bear with me, as I’ll be putting her through some real-life Tests”–we set out.

Following a Hard-Braking Test; Gravely road test, etc, I took her onto a hard to get onto the Freeway entrance, and at the first chance, I floored it–merging into traffic quickly and easily. At that moment, being a bit of a “Sensitive,” I picked-up the Salesman’s discomfort with my move, and asked him jovially: “she does have ‘Pep,’ doesn’t she?” Relaxing he said something, then asked me: “Can you see Yourself Driving this car 5 years from now?

“Absolutely! Yes!” was my reply, “…but I can’t spend $12,000. I’ll have to find something else…”

Before I could say another word, he offered to let me keep the car over the weekend, take it to my Mechanic, come back Monday.

I agreed, and Drove her Home!

Going to work, Researching her VIN#, I found she’d been in the PA Motor Pool, had been a Garaged car, got a CarFax, an Edmunds, and a Kelly Blue Book Printouts, and found out she was listed at Kbb at $10,000., not $12,000.

Monday, 8 AM, my Mechanic Checked her out; 9 AM, I drove to my Credit Union, applied for and obtained a Loan for kbb value.

By noon, I’d returned to the Dealer, showed him my Research Printouts, (KBB Report last), told him I’d already obtained a Loan, for $10,000., and wanted to take her Home, NO Haggling! He said, “She’s Yours!”

The Following day, I took her to a nearby town, traded the Chrome wheels for those less-showey, albeit far better-looking Pewter, Filigreed-like wheels, put Nitrogen in her Tires, and drove her Home.

Thinking of her as my Best-Ride ever, I named her after the Main Character’s Nickname, from a short-lived late-’90s TV Series “Dark Angel:” Maxie!

In my car’s case “Maxie” was short for “Maximum Ride!” Yes, Yes…, I realize you Porsche, Ferrari, etc-Enthusiasts will balk at a mere Pontiac’s 6-Cyl 3.5L Double cam engine as being simply a “Wannabe!” I counter that a Ferrari doesn’t sit you as Comfortably, and I doubt most other Dream Cars, had a Cabin, controls, Dashboard as Easy, Elegantly Simple (Analog, mind you), and Creature-Comfort-Full as my Maxie.

I further Doubt any of those other cars could fit an entire 4-Synth ๐ŸŽน Studio, Boxes of Cables/Adapters, a. 100Watt TOA PA, Monitor Speakers, a 16-Channel Audio Board, an 8-Track Pro-Level Cassette Recorder/a 2-track Dbl-Deck Cassette Recorder; a Box of Percussion Instruments; My Garment Bag; an 88-Note Kurzweil K-1200 Pro Synth๐ŸŽน; a Roughneck Tote full of Manuals; a Cane w/ a Seat, and Drive you, Comfortably, from Pennsylvania, to Missouri, in All kinds of Weather, in up to 80mph, (where allowed), without overheating, or skidding in heavy rain, or losing power on hilly roads!

THAT my Friends, Was my Maxie!

Today, I drove home a Barely-acceptable 2007 Corolla, I’ll be returning it tomorrow–(Not a Keeper)!

Maxie has Spoiled me! I KNOW I’ll never again own a Ride like her. Oh, BTW, before my Insurance asked me if it had a “Monsoon System” in it, I–though a Musician–hadn’t even noticed she had this Great 8-Speaker Premium Audio System (what an Added Bonus that was!!! My Music sounded great in it! ๐ŸŽต(So did everyone else’s!).

Got a car to return๐Ÿš— more cars to look for, a Rental to Rent๐Ÿš™, so, this may be a Draft for now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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