To Everyone, May the New Year Bring You Closer to What Your Innermost Soul Wishes, which may be for Your Highest Good, and the Highest Good of Every One Else!

Please, Lets Try Hard to Treat Others As We Ourselves Would Like to Be Treated, (i.e.; Judge Less; Love More; Interfere Less, Unless Specifically Asked) I call it the Tripod Concept. Any one Leg missed, the other two can’t keep the Tripod Standing.

I Know this isn’t easy to do! Trust me, I Do!

Nonetheless we could start with OurSelves; Those Next to Us; a Stranger in the Street; or Someone in Cyberspace. There are 7.x Billion One of Individuals! If we all believe our Individual Acts don’t matter, Think Again!

Seven Plus Billion of Us are Thinking the Same Thing!

Love to All! We’re One!



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