Going “Car-less” in a “Car-Intensive” Culture

While Growing up in São Paulo, SP, Brasil–though we had a car–my Dad was, for the most part, a Weekend or Travelling Driver. Though São Paulo was even by then, already a Mega-City of 12 Million, (unless we were going somewhere as a Family), both he and us, individually never needed a car; Mass Transit was Excellent, day or night.
Not so, in the USA! This is a “Car-Intensive Culture,” with–barring a few Exceptions–Terrible, Irrational, Convoluted, Inconvenient, Time-Consuming and Unreliable Mass Transit Service, and for 40 yrs., I’ve felt compelled to depend on cars.
Two Weeks ago, “The Universe” answered my Wishes to be “more Environmentally-Conscious,” and go Carless, in a very direct way: I Rear-Ended a Truck, and my car was “Totaled” by my Insurance;” (Maxie was her Name); and she only had 61,205 miles in her; was an excellent, comfortable Ride, and My plan had been to keep her until she became obsolete.
That Timeline is Gone, and in this New Timeline, I am without a Car.
My “Understandings of Life,” Accept there are NO Coincidences, just “Nudges” to get us into a certain direction.
Here was my Very Direct Answer! I don’t plan on buying another (Gas-burning) Car. Besides, my Poor Neighbors “survive” without cars, (I must learn how, from them).
I just wish I was twenty years Younger, so I could Get a Bicycle, or Scooter, for those Trips too far for Walking.”
For now, I’m Writing…, a Lot!
There’s much more to this, but Tomorrow will be the Conclusion of my Reiki Practitioner Certification (Level III, in Gendai not yet Master Level), so I’m done for now.

cc 2014 copyleft, without blatant modifications, with or without Attribution, Clarisse L Dodge, York, Pennsylvania, USA


6 thoughts on “Going “Car-less” in a “Car-Intensive” Culture

  1. The transportation marketplace is starting to boom with new electric / solar powered, eco-friendly alternatives for travel. Right off top, I think of the “elf” trike. Again, bummed to hear about ‘Maxie’.

    stay awesome.

    -N.N. Team

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      1. They are solar powered, three-wheeled ‘trikes’ that can be functioned as a trike, but has the functioning power of a motor bike. The SPEED is not a huge factor (somewhere around 20mph or so), but if you are needing something for around the town – this would be awesome for you. There are similar products and concepts on the market, the reason the ‘elf’ sticks with me is because they are fairly local to my region. You can check them out online here: http://organictransit.com/

        They have endless reviews and film stories of their success, feedback, travels, etc.

        Just wanted to share this with you – my bad for the long message.

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      2. Hi, just to tell’ya I’ve spent the last two hrs. Watching Trike Videos, and Emailed an Am manufacturer, who customizes Trikes–these are costly though: $11,000.00 for a Fully customized one. We’ll see! Time for my Special New Year’s Meditation & House Cleansing. Also, very Tired!


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