Changing Timelines! Remaining Balanced Thanks to Runes’ Unerring Guidance

NOTE: The Following Few Posts are about Changing Timelines; Choices; Instant Karma; and such–I almost think there should be a Separate Blog just for this–but decided Not really. After all, this Site isn’t dedicated to a Single Subject Matter…, but for Many; it’s an Eclectic site.

Email sent to my Congregation’s Reverend asking for Rides to Church (my Social Family):

On December 10, I Rear-Ended a Ford F350 Heavy Duty pickup truck, while en route to see an apartment, and totaled my car.

Thankfully, it was bumper-to-bumper, stop’n’go traffic, during rush hour, so I was Uninjured–My car, though, was deemed a total Loss, and I’ve since been Learning the Art of going Car-less in a Car-Intensive Culture, w/ bad Mass Transit to boot.

This is Why you haven’t seen me at Church for two weeks!

Overall, December 2014‘s been a Horrendously-Challenging Month for me!

My Spirituality, and my Guides‘ constant Companionship–as well as the Guidance from my Runes, and Healing Balls* sent to me through my Good Friend, and fellow Reiki Healer “Kate*”–are the ONLY THINGS which have Kept Me from Falling Apart.

Here is the Runes Spread I got the night before meeting with the Insurance Adjuster the following morning. (a note, by this time I was Still in the “Stage 3” of the Mourning Process, i.e.: “1. Disbelief Loss was Real; 2. Anger; 3. Trying to Bargain; etc.” Using the Bloom System, I asked my Higher Self: “What are the Aspects of Maxie being Repairable, or truly Totaled?” (I got 3 Stones, then my Guides strongly suggested I needed one more, so I Did–Drawing Dagaz, (or Gateway)/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/090/59084046/files/2014/12/img_2145-0.jpgPhoto cc – Copyleft 2014, Reproduction Permitted, (preferably with (Generalized) Interpretation of Stones’ Meanings), Clarisse L Dodge, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Problem Is: I’m Missing being Physically There, at The Chapel, Hearing the Inspired Speeches, Singing the “Peace Song,” Hugging…, Visiting w/ Friends.

I’ve reached out to some Friends, through Texting, or email, but have Yet To Find A Ride, from York. To The Sunday Services.
* Healing Balls – Healing Reiki Energy Balls sent remotely, with the Intent for a particular purpose. (For those with Scientific Mindsets: See: Principles of Quantum Physics/Math/Mechanics, and String Theory. A good Primer is Dr. Brian Greene’s PBS 3-Part Series, “The Elegant Universe”);
* “Kate,” Ficticious Name for a Very Real, and Great Friend.


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