Feeling Like Poetry today😉

Between Christmas 2012, and Spring 2014, I had a Lovely Dating Friendship with Someone, I’ll call Martin*, who had two Saphyres for Eyes. I nicknamed him “Caribbean Eyes.” By about six months, I’d written a record Eight Poems, five about his eyes, alone. The Poem below–written March 20, 2013–is one of those five:

by Clarisse L Dodge cc, (copyleft with attribution). 2013 (Dedicated to “Martin*”)

Let me spy
into these Seas;
Let me step (gently)
Onto these waters;
Let me Wade (waist-high),
Into these Tides;
Let me Revel (ever so fully),
Into the Gorgeousness…,
(of these seas)
At once Transluscent, Deep,

The most Gorgeous Set of Sees
I’ve ever seen!

The “sees” which tho’ not “seas,”
Look just like one;
A Sea of Beauty, Wonder and Color,
The Caribbean Sea,
Which Your “sees”
bring to mind,
Each time
I look at you!
* “Martin” is a Fictitious Name, for a Very Real Individual, and Friend, who–though now dating Someone else–is still a Great Friend.


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